Frequently Asked Questions


What does “co-ownership” mean?
What is Fractal?
Is Fractal a timeshare?
How many co-owners are there per home?
How does Fractal make money?


Can I purchase more than one co-ownership stake?
Do I actually own the property?
What am I paying for as part of the Fractal property interest price?
Can I purchase a Fractal property interest through a legal entity?
Can I visit the home before buying?
Who decides on the interior design of each house? Who pays for it?
How long is the buying process?
Can I finance the purchase of the house?
Are there any checks or vetting of co-owners?
What if I have a home I want to buy, but it’s not one of Fractal’s listings?
In addition to the land and the house, would I also own the furniture and the appliances etc.?
Do I need a lawyer to purchase a home in Fractal?


Can personal items be stored in the house?
Can I rent out or transfer the time I don’t use?
Once I purchase a stake in a Fractal home, what costs will I incur going forward?
What is included in the Fractal Owner app?
How do I ensure that the recurring expenses are fair and transparent?
Who takes care of the home?
What decisions can Fractal make on behalf of the owner group?
Would I have to pay for maintenance and repair costs resulting from acts of a particular co-owner?
What happens if a co-owner defaults on any of their payments?
Where would the money of the co-owners be kept?
Will Fractal prepare an annual budget for the home?
Which monthly statements of account or other reports or records will I receive (utility bills, taxes, etc.)?
Will the property be insured?


How many days per year can I use my home?
Is there a minimum stay period?
What are check-in and check-out times?
Are there any restrictions or blackout dates?
How does scheduling work?
What are fixed weeks?
What are floating weeks?
When can I select time at the property?
What’s the maximum amount of consecutive time I can spend at the property?
Can I modify a reservation?
Can I cancel a reservation?


Can I sell my stake of the house?
Can I sell my share of the house to anyone or do potential buyers need to be eligible by Fractal standards? Do they need to be approved by other co-owners?
How long does it take to sell a home in Fractal?
How is the selling price of my share fixed?
What happens if I cannot sell my share in the market—is there a guaranteed exit at any point?


Can I sell my house through Fractal?
How does the selling process work?
What needs to be prepared in order to sell the house?
What level of ownership can I keep in my house?
How do you select owners?
Do I get to keep my home decoration and personal items?

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