Enjoy all the benefits of your luxury second home without the stresses of the real estate world

Second-home ownership made simple

BuyPurchase one or more fractions in handpicked luxury homes in select European cities.
BookUse the Fractal Owner app to schedule your stays. Each fraction provides a minimum of 6 weeks of occupancy.
StayAccess round-the-clock luxury services such as housekeeping, airport pick-ups and a personal concierge.
MaintainFractal handles all maintenance and management. Running expenses are shared pro rata between owners at cost.
RentRent out your home. Fractal will help manage the entire process to ensure a stress-free experience.
SellYou can resell your fraction in the property yourself or through the Fractal network.

Frequently asked questions

Do I actually own the property?
Who takes care of the home?
How many days per year can I use my home?
Can I rent out the time I don’t use?

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